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Corporate Engagement

Regal Hotels has instituted various corporate engagement initiatives that serve to inspire our guests, associates and other stakeholders to share our passion for sustainability.

Green Committees

  • Regal Hotels has instituted a series of corporate engagement initiatives that serve to inspire our guests, associates and other stakeholders to share our passion for sustainability.

Reduce Food Waste

  • Regal Hotels has partnered with Foodlink Foundation, Hong Kong's leading hunger relief charity, to help fight hunger and poverty by minimising food wastage at some of our Hotels in Hong Kong.

Corporate Engagement
Organic Farms

Organic Farms

  • At five of our Hotels in Hong Kong, we have set up organic farms on-site where we grow fresh herbs to help promote eco-consciousness, reduce our carbon footprint and provide fresh, chemical-free ingredients for our restaurants.


Promote Green Dining

  • Our restaurants and banquet services have adopted various green dining initiatives, including green wedding and meeting packages and low carbon and ocean-friendly menus. Additionally, we offer shark fin-free menus for banquets to support marine biodiversity.

Support International Environmental Events

  • Our Hotels take part in Earth Hour, a global event initiated by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) to draw attention to climate change and the environment through energy conservation.


Engaging our Associates

Our sustainability approach is all-inclusive, which means that we work to engage each of our associates in addition to guests and other stakeholders. Associates at all levels are encouraged to join our sustainability efforts in a number of ways and through a variety of activities.

Communication Forums

  • We organised a series of Communication Forums where we shared our sustainability goals in detail with associates to give them a better understanding of their important roles in carrying out our mission. In a show of commitment, after attending a Communication Forum, we proudly wear a 'We Love Our Planet' badge.


Wear Green Day

Staff Photo Contest

  • To further involve our associates in our 'We Love Our Planet' programme, we organised a staff photo contest titled 'Zoom • Green' and invited entries with an environmental and conservation focus.

Wear Green Day

  • We encouraged all non-uniformed associates to showcase their support for the environment by wearing green on a designated day. Management even got into the act by wearing business attire with a touch of green. Wear Green Day enabled everyone at Regal Hotels to rally around a common cause in a fun and fashionable way!


Engaging our Guests

  • Regal Hotels encourages our guests to be responsible travellers and contribute to the protection of the environment.

Use of Recycled and Recyclable Materials in Hotel Items

  • Many items in our guest rooms, such as pencils and notepads, are made of recycled materials.

Guest Room Conservation Programme

  • To encourage guests to help us conserve energy, bed linen and bath towels are changed every three day, as indicated on the information canvas in the bathroom. Guests can also find an energy conservation stickers on the main switch, reminding them to shut off lights when not in use.

Use of Recycled and Recyclable Materials in Hotel Items

Love This City Walking Map

‘Love This City’ Walking Map

  • Our Regal Hotels properties are all located in convenient neighbourhoods close to attractions and points of interest. As such, we encourage our guests to explore nearby areas on foot by providing a ‘Love This City’ walking map, which contains information about points of interest and local delicacies in addition to a transit map.

Interactive Guest Experiences

  • Regal Hotels partners with WWF-Hong Kong to allow members of Regal Hotels’ loyalty programmes to redeem reward points as cash donations. We also regularly organise green-themed activities and promotions for guests.


We Love Our Planet Showcase

We Love Our Planet Showcase

  • To further raise awareness of the green initiative, Regal Hotels staged a ‘We Love Our Planet’ exhibition at the lobbies of five Hotels to showcase the Hotels’ green practices.