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Message From Chief Operating Officer

Ms. Belinda Yeung

Regal started the Sustainability Programme in 2012. Instead of rolling out the three pillars of sustainability all in one go, we are going to take baby-steps and roll out the pillars one by one, starting with Environmental Responsibility followed by Social Responsibility.

Regal has achieved a lot so far. Most of our hotels have already attained either international or national certifications on environmental achievements and all Regal Hotels have implemented some kind of Social Responsibility Programmes that impact the communities where we operate.

Our Management Theme for 2014-2015 is the third pillar of Sustainability, Economic Responsibility, with the slogan being “Endeavor Growth. Quality Delivery”.

Since this is the first time we have ever focused on Economic Sustainability, I have narrowed the many parts within the system into 11 focuses as listed below to guide our 2015 management work.

  1. Maximize Profit
  2. Deliver Quality Products and Services
  3. Exploit Automation
  4. Implement Economy of Scale
  5. Enhance Work Efficiency
  6. Engage Local Partners
  7. Support Local Vocational Education
  8. Advocate Equal Employment Opportunity
  9. Foster Growth of Associates
  10. Love our Planet
  11. Love our Community
We will achieve Economic Sustainability by continual enhancements of efficiency and quality of work, maximizing benefits to our stakeholders that include our shareholders, business partners, guests, associates, community and environment.

We will be responsible for our stakeholders by utilizing resources optimally and efficiently to ensure the delivery of quality products and services for our guests and customers, allowing our Group to continue to achieve profitability over time.

We will also support development of our local economies through engaging local partners, supporting vocational education, advocating equal opportunities and fostering the growth of our associates.

Lastly, I, once again, would like to thank the contributions of our associates and let us work together for another very successful year!

Thank you!


Belinda Yeung
Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer
Regal Hotels International